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Antique Nazlini Rug

Size: 84" L54" W
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Navajo Nazlini Area Rug with natural white, black and grey with aniline dyed pink and red. The banded design alternating with serrated diamond patterns was encouraged by Cozy McSparron who ran the Thunderbird Ranch and Trading Post at Chinle, AZ. Later in the 1930s a provident but unlikely team was formed between McSparron, another local trader, Camille Garcia and Mary Cabot Wheelwright. The two helped Navajo weavers of the area to discover and use vegetal dyes. The only vegetal dye used prior to that time by the Navajo was a yellow achieved by boiling rabbit brush. With the help of this team and later refinements in the vegetal dye palette by Sallie and Bill Lippencott.

Condition: Excellent, very little use, looks new, no discoloration no missing stitches, no restoration.

Circa: 1940

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