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4-Piece Ingot Teaspoons

Size: 8.5" L
SKU: 900149698




Each teaspoon hand-wrought using ingot silver, then stamped on the flattened portion of the handle with an intricate design. Made for the tourist trade at the time and often sold by the roadside or at train stations in the Southwest, especially after the Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe finished its rail line from Winslow to the Grand Canyon in 1901. It was during this time, Navajo silversmiths began a transition from making jewelry for personal use or trade to making pieces for sale to tourists. Later during this period the weight and quality of Navajo jewelry began to lessen and the stamp work became more 'tourist - oriented', influenced by Herman Schweitzer of the Fred Harvey Company. The head of the spoon is 1 7/6 inches long and the width is 7/8".

Circa: 1915

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